Are Crystal Deodorants Safe to Use?

With the growing controversy of deodorants being linked to cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, millions of consumers cannot help but doubt almost every deodorant product in the market. The main culprit has been found – aluminum.



It is an active ingredient in many anti-perspirant and deodorants. What about those alum crystals which are traditionally used to fight body odor? Are these the same as the toxic content in commercial ones?


To set the facts straight, these raw crystals stones are made from potassium alum which is different from the aluminum content used in commercial deodorants.


The potassium alum (potassium aluminum sulfate) or ammonium alum are natural occurring mineral salts that are composed of molecules that are too large for the skin to absorb.


These molecules form a layer that protects the skin and stops the production of odor-causing microorganisms. These natural crystal deodorants are more recommended by doctors over the commercial brands.


Even so, there is no proof that the crystal deodorants are totally free from aluminum. If you really want to ensure that no aluminum content goes through your skin, ditch the deodorant altogether and opt for a more frequent washing of your armpits using soap and water.

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