Finally, A Scoliosis Treatment That Requires Less Surgery

Children who suffer from scoliosis can now look to a new and non-invasive treatment with the help of a device called Magec.

Normally, children who have scoliosis may have to undergo up to twenty corrective surgeries during their lifetime. If not treated properly, this medical condition can be debilitating.

This new device is an expandable magnetic rod that is implanted within the patient’s body and controlled by a magnetic actuator (remote control system) making it unnecessary for the  young scoliosis patients to keep coming back for surgeries.


Seeing a child go through the pain of surgical procedures is too much for any family to bear. Everyone in the family feels helpless about the situation knowing the risks of infection and injuries that may come with the regular rod implants.


This is a medical breakthrough. The Magec is adjusted using a non-invasive magnetic device that lengthens the rods carefully in the patient’s back during a 15-minute procedure done at the doctor’s office. This procedure is a lot less painful than the usual treatments. The recovery period is also faster.


The Magec is an FDA- (Food and Drug Administration) approved product since 2014. You may learn more about the Magec rod through their website

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