Grapefruit Juice Helps Prevent Heart Disease

Heart disease can be prevented by taking a glass of grapefruit juice daily. Medical experts found that grapefruit contains flavonones, an active natural ingredient that helps improve blood circulation.



The study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that a regular intake of grapefruit juice keep the heart healthy and thus lessen the risk of heart disease.


The six-month long research was conducted by scientists at the French National Institute for Agricultural Research in France. They invited 40 women aged between 50 and 65.


Half of the groups were given a daily dose of natural grapefruit juice which contains flavonones while the other half was given similar looking beverage without flavonones.


After the 6-month period, an improvement in the blood vessel health of those who took grapefruit juice with flavonones was evident.

The researchers concluded that “Regular grapefruit juice consumption by middle-aged, healthy postmenopausal women is beneficial for arterial stiffness. This effect may be related to flavanones present in grapefruit.”


Flavonones are also found in many citrus fruits. This study simply strengthens the belief that daily fruit consumption not only strengthens our immune system, it also prevents us from catching deadly diseases.


It is still highly advised for anyone who are taking medications to consult the doctor before incorporating anything new in their diet.

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