Most Common Reasons Why Someone Has a Bloody Nose


The truth is that there are so many different possible reasons why someone could have a bloody nose, and some are really obvious: For example, one of the most common reasons why someone has a nose bleed is because they were hit in the face. The blunt trauma then probably ruptured blood vessels – which started the nose bleed.

Apart from that however, some of the other reasons include:

  • Allergies

If your nose reacts to allergies it could become irritated and small blood vessels may even start to rupture. When that happens a bloody nose may be the result if enough blood vessels rupture. More often than not however what ends up happening is when you blow your nose you notice streaks of red blood.

  • Nose Picking

Let’s face it, pretty much all of us are guilty of indulging and picking our noses at some point or other – but the problem is that invasively inserting your finger into your nose and scratching with it really isn’t a very good idea. If your fingernail nicks a blood vessel or the constant scratching irritates the area itself then it is more than likely that you’ll end up with a bloody nose.

  • Dry Weather

When the air is dry can cause a multitude of skin problems – including for the skin inside your nose that could become brittle and ‘crack’ causing blood vessels to rupture. This may not affect everyone but it does affect a lot of people, especially during months that are really very, very dry such as winter.

  • High Blood Pressure

Make no mistake, high blood pressure (otherwise known as hypertension) is actually a very serious condition indeed because it can cause blood vessels almost anywhere to rupture spontaneously – including within the nose. This is one case in which your bloody nose might actually be a symptom of something far more serious.

  • Infections

Just like allergies, infections can irritate your nose as well and result in the same sort of situation. Again, this doesn’t apply to all infections and different people may react in different ways but it is worth keeping in mind.


Knowing the causes of a bloody nose is helpful mainly because now you can maybe identify what is causing your own nose bleed if and when it happens. As you’ll find out, identifying the cause is often the first step to preventing further nose bleeds in the future – which is what makes it all the more crucial.


Of course in the short term when your nose is actually bleeding (profusely or not) you should just focus on stopping your bloody nose as soon as possible before you think about preventing future occurrences.

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