Poor Health During Teenage Years Can Lead to Poor Career Choices

A new study has concluded that poor health during the teenage years may result in difficulty of getting a good career later in life.




According to Leonardo Bevilacqua, a specialist from the University College London Institute of Child Health, “Chronic health conditions and particularly mental health conditions contribute substantially to education and employment outcomes.”


The study published on June 22 in the Pediatrics journal revealed a connection between the teens’ health conditions and their success in their higher education and employment.


The research analyzed 27 previous studies that involved a mix of teenagers with and without medical problems including mental and physical conditions. Conclusive patterns were found linking health problems creating a negative impact in educational development. It follows that the choice of higher education studies in preparation for their future careers were also affected.


The experts were surprised that some of the most common illnesses such as diabetes, asthma, and cancer did not figure in the study. It was found that most common condition was depression, eventually leading to conduct disorder, ADHD, anorexia, anxiety and other mental disorders.


These findings will help bring awareness to parents and medical professionals alike. It is not a hopeless case because teen-related mental health issues can be diagnosed and managed if found early on.

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