The Dos and Don’ts of Eye Care

Our vision is one of the most used senses and therefore it deserves to be treated with care. Sometimes we only realize the importance of a bodily function once it starts to deteriorate. Eye care does not have to be so complicated. It can be simplified by following some Dos and Don’ts.



DO follow the 20-20-20 rule of eye care when using a computer, tablet, or any digital screen. Every 20 minutes, refocus your eyes for 20 seconds to an object located at least 20 feet away.


DON’T insert contact lenses after putting on your makeup. Doing this increases the chance of contamination when the oils and cosmetic chemicals come in contact with the lens which may lead to injury or infection.


DO invest in good sunglasses with 100 percent UVB and UVA protection. Pupils of the eyes tend to open wider when the brightness is reduced. If your eyeglasses could not filter out the UV rays, your retina may suffer from permanent damage.


DON’T keep all the lights room lights bright when you are watching TV.  It is recommended to keep the room lighting half as bright as the TV monitor.


These simple practices along with proper nutrition can help save your eyesight.

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