Your Simple Mental and Emotional Wellness Checklist

Wellness is synonymous with balance when it concerns lifestyle choices. This dynamic process of choosing between varying contradicting elements is inevitable so are the consequences that manifest through our physical and mental state health.



When we work towards personal wellness, there are no absolutes. We are to find what makes us unique and how we can find the elements that strike a good balance that will result to a combination that keeps us well, both inside and out.


Here’s a quick list to help you assess your mental and emotional wellness:

  • Realize and honor your own uniqueness and enjoy the uniqueness of others as well.
  • Discover what you really need (not want) and seek ways to meet them.
  • If you need to say something to others, practice saying it directly to them.
  • In this world full of uncertainty, choose to live courageously.
  • Respect your body by practicing proper nutrition, exercise and safety.
  • Stay truthful to yourself and to others. It does not cost anything to be honest.
  • Listen to your heart and you will find inner wisdom.
  • In times of trial you will realize that you can be your own confidante. Remain faithful to yourself.

Much is yet to be learned when we truly seek who we really are. Wellness begins from within.

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